Tony's love for sports started at a young age with football, basket-

ball, and baseball. His transition into tennis was just second nature.

Tennis for Tony started at the Beatty Recreation Center in Columbus.

He was able to learn from his brother and most of the best adult

African Americans in Columbus, Ohio. Tony focused on and played

football and tennis in high school. After high school he played

#3 singles on the varsity tennis team at Central State University.

He eventually transferred to Columbus College of Art and Design

where he received his Bachelor in Fine Arts in Graphic Design. During college Tony started teaching as a Pro Tennis Instructor. He was hired by his brother, Al Matthews, who was the Head Pro at Columbus Indoor North Tennis Club. Tony was then hired by Scarborough East Tennis Club. He has been working at Scarborough for over 20 years, watching him on the court, you can tell he loves every minute of it.

He teaches group and private lessons to adults and children. Tony doesn't feel as though teaching is a job, but more of a high energy game that he has mastered and wants to share with others. While teaching private and group lessons to adults and children he also works as an Artist and plays tournaments. What's unique about Tony is he has been blessed by God to do as an adult (Pro Tennis Instructor and Professional Artist) what he loves, and had a passion for as a child. While working as a Tennis Pro, Tony has played tennis tournaments in Columbus (Ohio), Dayton (Ohio), Indianapolis (Indiana), Grand Rapids (Michigan), and Chicago, (Illinois).

Tony combines both tennis and art in his teachings, he's a realist Artist, therefore he incorporates every detail of the game in order to explain the technically sound and proficiency in mastering all tennis techniques. His motto is, "It has to be right, to look right." He also trains some of his students because he believes you must also be in shape to excel as a tennis player at any level.


•  Pro Tennis Instructor: Scarborough East Tennis Club (presently)

•  Pro Tennis Instructor: Columbus Indoor North


•  PTR Certified

•  Bachelor of Fine Arts - Graphic Design

•  Columbus College of Art and Design

Coaching Experience

•  Varsity Coach: Gahanna Lincoln High School Boys and

   Girls Tennis Team

•  Coach Ladies 3.5: Grove City Tennis Team

•  Adult Private and Group Lessons

•  Children, High School, College, Private and Group Lessons

Tennis Playing Experience

•  #3 Singles at Central State University

•  Tennis tournaments in Columbus (Ohio), Dayton (Ohio), Indianapolis (Indiana), Grand Rapids (Michigan), and Chicago (Illinois)


PTR Certified Tennis Pro

Scarborough East Tennis & Fitness Club

5641 Alshire Road Columbus, OH 43232, USA



Fax:  614-868-5957

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Tony Matthews