Jim was late to the dance when it came to tennis. Growing up in Bellaire,

Ohio, Jim’s favorite sports were basketball and especially baseball.

Jim was all-conference on his high school team as a pitcher, 1st baseman,

and outfielder. He was not introduced to tennis until 7th grade and quickly

became addicted to it and wore out many a school wall as finding someone

to play with was a task in and of itself. As a sophomore in college, Jim

decided to try walking on at NAIA Power West Liberty State College and

ended up beating out several scholarship players for a spot in the

starting lineup. Jim stayed for the next 3 years.


•  GCTA Umpire of the Year Award in 2011

•  Tennis referee and chair umpire

•  Umpired hundreds of NCAA college tennis matches, USTA & ITA Tournaments, and adult money 



•  Certified PTR Tennis Professional

•  West Liberty State College

•   Bellaire High School

Coaching Experience

•  Currently teaching 10 and Under Quick Start Clinics

•  Assists with Grand Slam Clinics

Tennis Playing Experience

•  Close doubles match against Bjorn Borg’s Davis Cup doubles partner in the

   Midwest Sectional in 2012

•  WV Open Doubles Champion 3 times

•  Won many COGP singles and doubles tournaments over the years

•  Long-time USTA league player

•  3-year player on the West Liberty State College tennis team 

•  Conference Championship Team Co-captain



Jim D'Innocenzo

PTR Certified Tennis Pro

Scarborough East Tennis Club

5641 Alshire Road Columbus, OH 43232, USA

email:  info@setennisclub.net 


Fax:  614-868-5957

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