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Pro Tips

SmartCourts - Take Advantage (Free to Members)!

Video is crucial to player development in all sports. There is mandatory film study in football, basketball, and it is used in baseball and golf. Tennis is no different and Scarborough has the best system in a 5 state area. Take advantage of this awesome system every time you walk on to the court!

Your Best Shot

When playing high percentage tennis, your best shot is to return the shot your opponent gave you. If they slice, return a slice. If they hit cross court top spin, return cross court top spin.

Top 10 Things To Consider Before Serving

1.   Where does my opponent think I am serving?
2.   Where do I want the ball to come back (wide to wide or middle to

      middle principle)?
3.   What are the opponents strengths and weaknesses?
4.   What is the score?
5.   What is your favorite serve?
6.   What is your highest percentage serve?
7.   Where is your opponent standing?
8.   What grip do they use when in the ready position?
9.   Is your opponent a righty or lefty?
10. What are the natural conditions (sun, wind, and slope of court)?

Hit Your Best Shot

Today’s player looks for opportunities to run around to hit forehands, and why not? Statistics show players hit 85% of their winners from the forehand side. Your should always hit your best shot as often as possible.

Importance of Keeping Your Head Down through Groundstrokes

Most recreational hitters are usually more interested in seeing where their ball is going rather than watching their racquet make contact with the ball.

When watching where the ball goes before contact causes a chain of events.  (1) The head goes up.  (2)  So the body goes up too early also.  (3) This causes the racquet to follow and then the player will hit the top half of the ball instead of the bottom half of the ball.  These events usually cause the ball to go into the net.. 

So it is important to keep your head down through the hit. This makes it easier to hit the bottom half of the ball and will ensure much greater success. 

Improve Your Game

Tennis is a muscle memory activity, for maximum improvement, players need to play 2-3 times a week. 

Our Motto:  Work hard . . . Win easy!

Ultimate Ready Position

The only ball that surprises you, is the ball that doesn't come to you.

SmartCourts - iPad App

Like having the PlaySight App on your iPhone? If you have tried to add it to your iPad, you probably found it won't let you.  The App was designed for your iPhone, but you can download it on your iPad if you change one simple setting.  Go to the App Store.  Do a search for "PlaySight for Tennis".  Nothing will come up, and that is exactly what you want to happen.  Then go to the upper left corner of your screen and tap "iPad Only".  A drop down screen will appear, tap "iPhone Only" and the PlaySight App will appear for you to download.  Enjoy!

What is the most under practiced shot in tennis? The return of serve.

As your opponent tosses the ball, you take one step forward and immediately split step while leaning forward.  With this motion you are ready to move forward towards the ball to return the serve.  The best return of a serve is down the middle of the court.

At Scarborough we are continually striving to improve our members' game. Scarborough East Tennis Club provides it's members with the Ace Attack Serving Machine   We use the Ace Attack in our Junior Clinics, Private Lessons, and Group Lessons with no extra charge.

Small Quick Adjustment Steps

Just before your opponent hits the ball, make your split step.  Then move toward the ball ending with 3 small quick adjustment steps, to be balanced and in position, to hit that perfect return shot.

Doing this every time before you hit will make your shots smooth and give you time to be positioned for your shot. 

Importance of Hydration

Summer tennis is starting. Remember to hydrate. Drink water the night before your match, in the morning before, during, and after your match. You will enjoy your match and play better.

Importance of a Split Step

The split step is crucial to a good tennis player. The split step gets the player on his/her toes enabling them to make that 1st explosive step in any direction. With a split step, you take off fast so you can slow down when get to the ball to allow yourself time to follow through with your stroke. Without a split step, you are flat-footed causing a slow take off and when you get to the ball you will rush through your stroke.

Start your split step just before your opponent hits the ball. Timing it so you are coming down on the balls of your feet just as your opponent hits the ball. The split step should be used everywhere on the court (at the net or baseline) and every time your opponent is about to make contact with the ball.

Using the split step will improve your game!

SmartCourt Leaderboard

After playing using your SmartCourt, be sure to check out the Leaderboard page.  Log in to your account on PlaySight.  At the top of the page click the “Leaderboard” icon.  Then click “Leaderboard Showing:” for a drop down menu.  Choose Strokes (serves, backhands, or forehands), Matches/Practices (all, matches, or practices), Age Group (all, under 10, under 12, under 14, etc.), choose where (all, my club, my city, or my country), gender (all, male, or female), be sure to choose mph.  Now you are ready to see where you rank against other players.